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EO(F)M Electric Actuator - Quarter turn (90°) EO(F)M Series

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AC110~120V / AC220~240V / AC380~440V & AC / DC24V

※Remarks: Standard configuration

1. Rated torque is 75% of the maximun output torque.

2. The standard coating color of actuators is black. Please consult with sales department when another color is 
     n eeded.

3. Standard input/output signal of modulating type is 4~20mA. Please notify while placing order when another control
     signal is  needed.

4. On/off type actuators adopt dry contact to indicate actuator position condition of fully open and fully close. For
     modulating type this contact is optional function.

5. Adopting heating resistance to reduce moisture within housing.

6. Motor protection level meets class F insulation.

7. The operation time of 60Hz is 5/6 of that of 50Hz, the maximum output torque for both is same.

8. Upper listed.EFM1(-H) EFMA(-H)&EFMB(-H) are without AC380V/3phases power function.