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EO(F)M Electric Actuator - Fail-Safe Series

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Technical Parameter

Power : standard: DC24V, AC24V ; AC110V, AC220V can be get by transformer or
              power adapter (EFM1/A/B 100VA, EOM2~7 250VA, EOM8~12 500VA)
Environment temp : -25°C~65°C(Capacitive type),-20°C~50°C(Battery type)
Related humidity : ≦90%(25℃)
Environment : Without any high corrosion and explosion medium
Working time : S2 standard,60 min. Please note if 50% or 75% duty cycle is needed
                         Input/output signal:4~20mA ,0~10V & 2~10V(modulating type); on/off
                         control signa l(on/off type)
Housing protection class : IP67 (std configuration); IP68 are optional
Back-up power : Super capacitor or high performance lithium battery
Power failure modes : Totally open or totally close or remain still ( can be inside
                                    actuator or by an external control signal)
Running cycle : >1 cycle( open→close→open) after power loss
Charging time : Super capacitor:20min; Lithium battery:5h
Remark : IP68 means 15m under water level and 72 hours duration time


Major Features

Light weight
AL base and plastic cover, light weight, small space, big output torque. Al cover is
Rubber seal between cover and basement to provide good waterproof function.
Can be installed outdoor.
Planetary gear
Internal gear combines planetary gear, turbine worm drive for manual
operation. Having good self-locking function.
3D indicator
Special plastic material with long life. 3D indicator function creating 360
visual angle.
Multi-power input Either
AC24V or DC24V power is allowed.
Manual operation
EFM1/A needs extra 8# wrench. EFM1/A/B-H with hand-wheel manual
override, without clutch.
When power failure occurs,actuator position mode can be preset to "totally open",
"totally close", and "remain unchanged".
Super capacitor
Maintenance free, no memory effect, short charging time, can change continuously
500,000 times, lifetime can reach 10 years. (Can be used in the environment less
than 65°C)
High performance lithium
Using imported rechargeable lithium batteries, with large capacity, long life, and