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EO(F)M Electric Actuator - EXB(C) Explosion-proof  Series

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Light weight
Al alloy housing and compact design. Ductile iron gear box creates high strength
function for EXB(C) 10~12 models.
Rubber seal to ensure good waterproof function. Can be installed outdoor.
Planetary gear
Inner gear and planetary gear combination and manual transmission of worm gear
and worm to realize self-lock function.
Motor overheating protection
Inner overheat protective component can automatically shut power off to prevent
motor from damage when actuator is over torque.
Overload protection
EXB(C) 2-12 model can be added with over-torque device to avoid big stalling torque.
Operation convenience
Direct manual operation without any clutch to prevent user from injury.
Scope of application
Mounting with valve can be applied to power station, iron and steel, petroleum,
chemical, oil pipelines, sewage treatment automatic control system.

1. The upper "G" is suggestive square-hole, can be decided by customer.
2. "ØI" &" J" dimension follow ISO5211 std. Only one row data can be chosen.
3. EXB(C)13~15 series has not been certified, because the only difference between EXB(C)13~15 series and
    EXB(C)10~12 series is the replacement of the gear box which can´t affect the explosion-proof performance.