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EO(F)M Electric Actuator - Industry Linear ELM100~250 Series

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Major parameter

Power : DC24V / AC24V / AC110V / AC220V / AC380V? 10%, 50/60Hz? 5%

Environment Temp : -25℃~+70℃

Related humidity : ≦90%(25℃)

Environment : Without any high corrosion and explosion medium

Working time : S2 standard, 30 min.

Input/output signal (modulating type) : 4~20mA (std configuration); 0~10V & 2~10V is optional.

Housing protection class : IP67 (std configuration); IP68 are optional.

Remark : IP68 means 15m under water level and 72 hours duration time.



Planet gear design :
The electric actuators of planetary gear have manual / electric auto-switching function and without clutch which ensures the safety of the operator

A key setting(modulating type):
After installing the valve, the travel can be set by "A key setting" then the feedback signal can be revised automatically and enter the running state

Self-locking protection :
Nut and shaft can lock itself mechanically

Heater :
Heater keeps the housing dry which protects the components

Lubrication :
The actuator operate stable without maintenance by using low temperature grease.

Light weight :
AL alloy base & stainless steel shaft, light weight, big output torque and safety

Disc spring structure :
Equipped with disc spring structure , which have a certain per-tightening force which ensure the valve can be fully closed for a long time

※Remark:The upper connection way is the standard configuration. Please notify while placing order when 
                    another specified connection way is needed